Monday, September 7, 2009

Painting is DONE!!

Here it is! The process wasn't really as hard as I thought it would be, a tad time consuming and a good lesson in patience but I would do it again in a heartbeat! Just two walls have the stripes on them the eastern and northern facing walls aka the two window walls. Here's me and my dad pulling off the tape that took us forever to put on!

I did a lot of research before hand and here are some tips I found or were told that really helped us (in case any of you are inspired to add stripes to your rooms)
1) Paint your entire wall the solid color first and let it dry a few days or a week before you tape. It lets the paint set and prevents it from being riped off the walls when you take your tape off.
2) Use a laser level to get a straight line to tape off of. Your line will be straighter and it makes your life a lot easier!
3) After you put you tape on make sure its flush on the walls and there are no "bubbles". Then take your solid color and paint over the tape. This seals the tape and if there is going to be any bleeding through its the same color as the wall. (this is a wonderful tip!!)
4) Do all your stripe painting in the same day. Let each coat dry for about 30 - 45 mins. On your last coat as soon as your done painting start pulling the tape off (yes wile the paint is still wet!)
We followed these tips and have beautiful stripes! We had been planning on doing a stencil over the stripes but we love the way they look so much I think we're going to skip the stencil. This means that the room is all done being painted and we can start setting things up and decorating!!
Yes the fun begins!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I've been busy busy busy (and not updating so this is a tad long)! Time is winding down and things are slowly being finished and put together. I finished (kind of) another one of my "big" baby projects. We had bought plain foam letters that match the old bed set a wile ago and I decided the colors would no longer fly with the new bed set. So I to covered them with scrapbooking paper and magazine clippings in some coordinating colors to the new bedding. They came out soo cute! Now all they need is some ribbon around the edges and they're ready to get hung up! Here they are!

I can't believe how fast the date is coming!! Here's some other updates I haven't been able to share!

1) At our appointment on Thursday the little lady was back on target for growth! And we're praying that she stays that way for the next couple of weeks!

2) I've finally gained a total of 20lbs!!

3) We got a pediatrician finally!! (another answer to prayer!)

3) The tape is finally up (thanks to a very patient dad!) and the stripes should be done tomorrow (fingers crossed)!

And my goal is to get the stenciling done either this week too or by early next week. But I'm not sure how realistic this is because we have soo many appointments and classes these next two weeks and some very missed family coming to visit so work will be put on hold then as well.

Oh and if you couldn't guess the name here are the letters all together :)