Saturday, January 23, 2010

What a big baby!

Amber is now 7lbs and 13oz!! Its crazy to think that at 4 months she's the size of a newborn! She's is 22 inches now too (I think she's about the same size her daddy was when he was born!)
She is making so much progress physically with Early Intervention and is becoming such a chatterbox too!
At our appointment on Thursday we were told that the geneticist is pretty certain that she has Beals Syndrome. So this Wednesday we are seeing the cardiologist and we're making an appointment to see an eye Dr. This makes a total of 6 Drs we are seeing for her! We'll see how our appointments go the beginning of Feb. but I really think we'll be going to Children's for a second opinion (I just really don't feel like its Beals).
We've started cereal! The only problem we've had is she likes to talk to us while she eats it and then ends up choking. But other than that she seems to like it. I have some videos of her eating it but I can't seem to get them up.
My mom comes home on Tuesday and I can't wait to have her back. We've survived but it gets lonely here without her. Amber's also gone back to sleeping through the night and napping!! I'll try to post some videos and pictures later but its time to feed the little monster again!!


  1. I'd rather you were coming here! It will be very hard to say goodbye to my mom .....not to mention the lazy days spent listening to waves and the wind through the palm trees! But it will be great to be back with you and my dear grandbaby!!

  2. That's great that Amber's gaining weight. - And there's no harm in getting a second opinion... I know from personal similar experience that I would do that. Praying for wisdom for you and all those involved in caring for her. How nice for you...that she's sleeping thru' the night! Hooray :)

  3. She is bigger than JD... lol :-/ A second opinion isn't a bad idea :) Good luck. So it looks like Amber needs to teach JD how to gain weight, and then once she teaches him that she can teach him how to sleep through the night :)