Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Insert Witty Title Post Here

I think I should get the worst blogger award! I don't know whats up with me but I just haven't had the motivation to blog in the longest time! I have half put together posts about our trips and interesting things but I just can't get myself to sit down and finish them. 
I will admit I've been a bit distracted trying to quilt Amber a little snuggle blankie for Christmas. To tell you the truth it's not working out to well. Quilting requires basic math skills....skills that I lack so it's a bit frustrating. Making your own pattern is also something I don't recommend if you've never done it before either. I have a bad habit of biting off more than I can chew on every project I take on.  

What else is going on? Well Amber's glasses are still not in. Our giant meeting is still on for the 26th of this month but I still don't have a time of day.
 Thursday morning we'll be having a meeting with the palliative care team that I would rather eat nails than go to. After the meeting we get to register with the hospital and temporarily move into the cardiology floor. Friday (at some point) Amber will be put under and have her heart catheterization and both MRIs. We've been told that it will take at least 6 hours and we might go home on Saturday/Sunday. I can not even express to you how much I'm not looking forward to this. When it comes to surgeries I feel more at peace because I know it's something she really needs and she'll benefit from. This just makes me feel uneasy. I know they need more data to err on the side of safety but I also know the answer isn't going to change. Even if  the tests show her heart isn't as bad as they thought it was right now/the next few months is the best time frame to do surgery. We know she did well in June and they're guessing not much has changed in 4 months but in 6 months to a year things might not go as well. I really just wish it was next Monday...maybe. 

I have been motivated to work out the last two days. I'm not expecting to see any results since my diet consists of large portions of comfort food and desserts/candy :)
Amber has been getting in on the action too. This was her first taste of a Kit Kat.
 She seemed a little wary at first. 
Either that or she was telling us to give her a break!
(sorry I'm a sucker for puns)
 Making sure she didn't gage herself 
 She LOVED it!
She's so smart too she sucks the chocolate off one end and then flips it over and sucks the chocolate off the other end! I think she gets her chocolate eating skills from her mama's side of the family!

Here is the other reason why I should get the horrible blogger award! I've been so caught up in my moodiness about this week and my failed project that I completely forgot to tell you some of the biggest news ever! 
1) The other day Amber moved her head side to side while on her tummy!
2) While on her tummy I lifted her under her chest and she put her arms out in front of her and supported her  
     head (for less than a minute)
3) Today in the car and the other morning she said "MUMMY"!! It's more like Bubby kind of like how she   
    said Ayee before Daddy
4) Sunday morning she rolled over! She was laying on a towel on the table so she had a lip to roll off of. She 
    did not like it at all by the way!

I think that's it, I can't believe I almost forgot to tell you! Now that it's almost Wednesday I think I'll go to bed and forget about proof reading this. And you all have permission to send me hate mail if I forget Wordless Wednesday again :) 


  1. I am very very excited that Amber said "Mummy" or "Bubby"...It has been one of my wishes for you that Amber will say your name!!! :) And she lifter hed head and rolled on her tummy...woooeee Amber!
    You crack me up, or should I say your title does!...you are a great blogger. Even your lack of a title is witty in itself!!! And you are doing what is MOST important...loving on sweet Amber day in and day out...dont sweat the blogs. I appreciate anything you write, whenever and whatever. Thanks for the update on this week...wish so much that I could be there to keep you company thru the long hours of waiting. We could visit the garden in the autumn! You are all always in my thots and prayers...will be praying much for the days ahead. Love you Skye and Luke..you are a great "Bubby" and "Aahhheeee" Give Amber some Grammie kisses! ♥

  2. I KNEW she was only inches away from rolling over on her own!! Yea AMBER!!! And all the muscle control she's showing in her upper body! WOW! I would imagine she'd be very tired after all that rigorous muscle work!! She is so dang adorable!! The pictures of her eating a KitKat bar are WAY TOO PRECIOUS and FUNNY! I LOVE them all, but the second to last one got me laughing out loud! That face is a masterpiece!!!

    My prayers are with you for all that will transpire this week. I'll keep praying that our Lord's strength will find its perfect spot in your places of weakness, and that HE would pour His peace and guidance all over you and Luke. Praying too for your sweet girl. ...that she's not scared or uncomfortable during the examinations and procedures that she'll undergo.

    May the peace of our Savior, which surpasses all understanding... be YOURS Skye!!

    With love,
    Paula Keller

  3. Hey I am a friend of the Amick's and I have been following your blog about Amber and I added your family to my church's prayer list too. After reading this blog I wanted to share something I recently learned about hearth caths. Recently my father-in-law needed open heart surgery to remove a mass of bacteria off of his mitral valve and before they did surgery they did a heart cath as well. One of the doctor's described it as this: each person's heart is a little different and so anytime they go in to do surgery they need to explore the patient's heart to basically get a "map" so they know all the details of that individual heart before operating. When explained in that way it was much easier for us to understand why it is done...I hope maybe this helps you too. Amber is absolutely adorable and you seem to be a great mom!! My thoughts and prayers are with your family! Tiffany Hosler

  4. Oh my goodness, Skye! I am not sure what is more exciting....the fact that Amber rolled over or that she had her first taste of chocolate!! Chocolate is the best:) and I LOVE the picture of her with chocolate on her face!! I am so glad to hear of the good things that have happened for Amber this week. I will be thinking of you in the coming days.
    Much Love,
    Aunt Julie

  5. This is a VERY exciting post!! I can't believe I missed it. If you get the worst blogger award, I get the worst stalker award ;)

  6. love reading your blog..you dod a great job...especially with the medical language that you have had to learn so quickly....You are a great mom Schyuler !!!