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Amber's Latest Appointments

I'll start Amber's update back to February 18th. That Saturday morning I opened up Amber's pj's to find a very weird, very new bump on her chest. I'm not sure if you can see it in these pictures but it's off of the top left corner of the gauze. There is a slight shadow where it is, it's actually a bruise forming.
 She was not showing any signs of pain but we still brought her in for chest x-rays anyways. The x-rays showed that there was indeed a difference to her right side which wasn't there before but it was inconclusive as to why it was different. You can see it a little better in this picture.
 Fast forward to this past Tuesday. Amber had her chest x-rays repeated and again there is something not quite right in that area but we are still not sure what it is. We have ruled out hernias, it's definitely a bony protrusion and we're thinking it's a slight fracture or possibly a dislocated rib head. She has such a high pain tolerance that it just didn't bother her. We're also having them re-read because they were focused on the new findings in her lungs. It's definitely weird how fast it showed up but thankfully it's gone down in size some.

February 27th both babies had a cardiology appointment.
My two trouble makers, Amber was pulling Charlie's leads off!
 This appointment was kind of a nightmare. Neither of them were happy, they both wanted to eat as soon as we got their and were very uncooperative with what needed to happen! Amber finally got another echo! She had not had one since she was a year old, she used to get them every 6 months or so. The echo showed that she still has the severe mitral valve regurgitation and she now has mild regurgitation in her aortic valve. It was kind of disappointing to hear but I'm not surprised. This explains why her heart rate has been sky rocketing when she's sick. Thankfully she's not showing any physical signs of it being a problem so we won't be changing any medication. She is also at this time not showing any thickening in the valves, something that is common in I-cell kids and we would assume to see in her because of her other heart problems. The other bummer news we got at this appointment is that her liver size has gone from a 3 to a 5. I won't lie I'm not 100% what the number mean. I do know that the liver is bigger. This would also be another indicator that the heart changed. It's a bummer because it gives her even less room in her abdomen for what needs to be going on in there. We're also thinking this is why her stomach contents in leaking out around her g-tube more (it's pretty gross). Amber will go back the end of August for a follow up, I'm hoping they'll do another echo at that time to keep an eye on the new aortic leak.

February 29th Amber had Dental and they both saw Genetics
The dental appointment was quick. Amber has a ton of teeth in now and a ton more coming. It's so much fun! She's very cute with her teeth but she is very unhappy about cutting them. We were told the integrity of her teeth is very good this puts her at less of a risk for infection and the teeth are all coming in where they would expect them to be with her hyperplasia so no issues there! We do need to keep an eye on her tongue because she has a few coming in underneath it so they could rub/cut the tongue and cause ulcers. If this were to happen we would have her teeth shaved down, something that would be quick and be done in the office. Thankfully though they don't think her teeth are too sharp at this point and so far we're not having any issues.

Friday March  2nd Amber had a G.I. appointment
This appointment was ok, it was with a new Dr. They didn't really have any answer as to why her stomach contents have been leaking out around her tube. Sometimes she up to at least an ounce come out. The Dr did say it could be the liver and lungs pushing on the stomach. Amber has also been having really bad constipation issues again. She normally gets a 1/2 tsp of Miralax through her night feeding and this used to keep her regular. Now we're doing up to 10mls of prune juice through her g-tube during the day. We were also giving her additional Miralax during the day but this was making her extremely uncomfortable and she would through very violent tantrums. The Dr suggested giving her a probiotic called Culterelle mixed with water through her g-tube to see if it would keep her regular without the extra Miralax. This stuff has worked like a dream and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has constipation issues!!! We still have to do the prune juice and her night time Miralax but it's keeping her regular and keeping her comfortable! We finally have our happy baby back! It will also be beneficial to her while she's on her antibiotic because that causes her to go too much.  

Back to Tuesday March 6th
One of Amber's favorite toys a fortune cookie. She also got into mommy's root beer and decided it would look better on on her shirt!
As I mentioned before Amber had her chest x-rays this day. She also had a swallow study that was an epic fail. Now usually their really good with her but that day they wanted to do their routine and didn't take into consideration that Amber is a 2 year old child and not a machine. They fed her the baby food first (something that is a treat for her) and then tried to feed her a bottle. So needless to say she refused  to take the bottle. To make it worse they tried to bottle feed her straight barium (yuck) and used a regular nipple. She had to work really hard to get it out and then was really grossed out by what she got. By the time they finally listened to me and tried the barium formula mixed with her "Y" cut nipple she was beyond wanting to eat anything. They did clear her for baby food but I'm extremely skeptical because she did not eat a lot of it and it was way thicker than what we would be giving her at home. 
We get to go back in a month or two and try again. They did say the next time we come they will listen to me and they'll have it set up so that I can hold her and feed her her bottle. I'm still not sure if we'll try again or not.  We already know she has severe aspiration issues and it's very uncommon for things to get better with her disease. we might try the thickened baby food recipe our nutritionist mentioned but we're in no rush since Amber is sick. We also get to see a feeding specialist in a month or two as well. I don't really think our feeding issues are due to how were feeding Amber since her previous study showed that it was how her esophagus closes but I would be open to hearing how we could get her in a better position for the baby food feedings. 

Amber has a few more appointments coming up. This coming Tuesday she has an eye exam and this coming Friday she has her appointment with the augmentative speech clinic, so hopefully she's feeling well enough to be able to make those! Other than that she has a few here and there throughout the rest of the spring and summer. 
I'm going to try and take a nap now! 
I apologize for any repeat information but I have no idea what I even blogged about yesterday :) 
Don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour! 

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