Saturday, January 12, 2013


Tonight feels like one of those nights where I'm just not going to sleep. Not that it's a bad night for Amber or Charlie or that Luke is snoring because all of those things are not happening...and no pigs are not flying I checked! Well I can't quite say that two of those are not happening because my men are not with me tonight. Amber and I have enjoyed a girls night we snuggled, watched some happy parts of Fox and the Hound (or big red kitty and the cute little puppy to Amber) and she drank a few ounces by mouth. We are trying out the "just the nose" cpap tonight. So far she's been fine with it! She can't quite get her binky all the way in her mouth so she's not too happy about that but she seems to be over it now. Now we're praying she will tolerate it during the day. Right now we are looking at cpap 24/7 because her lungs and heart are so weak but praying she can go back to regular O2 during the day. It's going to be hard, she looks very different with it on but we have adjusted our "normal" before!
I feel like a more light heart-ed post is due, so without further ado here it is!

Things are very different living in a hospital
 Miss Amber is missing in her words "baby brother", "Arlie", "Goober". 
She will ask for him and shake her head "yes" that she misses him
Although sometimes she shakes her head no!

Friday they were the sweetest pair together. 
Cuddling, holding hands and snuggling.
They just melt your heart together!
I think they are both looking forward to being together again.
Charlie is already saying something that sounds very close to Amber!

 They miss coordinating outfits

And snuggling before bedtime

Laughing at everything together

Making  silly faces 

Going on adventures

"Sharing" toys

Getting ready for bed together

Doing "whatever this is" all the time

And of course snuggling more

They have been buddies from the very beginning

Charlie was not the first buddy though. Someone else has been there right from the start.
Getting in on snuggles and naps

Learning how to feed the new baby

 Our dear cat Boo has always been one of the gang!
This picture is actually one of Amber's choice pictures we use for communication

She is a magical old kitty

 She might not be the prettiest cat

 But she's always there

She puts up with so much


So much

You can usually catch her in the background of a picture

Always near

Ready for playtime

Or snuggles

 She will always be one of the gang

The three of them
Amber, Boo and Charlie too


  1. Good Morning Schuyler. Thank you for the updates. So many sweet pics. Hope you managed to get some rest last night - tho' your girls night sounds so sweet/special. As for the "Whatever this is" pic ... hmmm I think I'd caption it "Doing the Tangled" (as opposed to the "Tango" - lol) And instead of "Where's Waldo?" Amber can play "Where's Kitty?!" with the photo album in this post! :) Such a sweet recap of their special friendship. Hugs n Prayers.

  2. Hey Skye,
    Thank you so much for the update and for posting pictures that speak thousands of words!! I looove the pics of Amber and Charlie ...and laughed out loud at the one of Amber "tasting" Boo!! Toooo sweet!!

    Soooo glad that Amber is tolerating the cpap nose thing! My prayers for your precious family continue!