Friday, October 16, 2009

4 Weeks Fly By So Fast!

I can't believe that on Sunday little Amber will be a month old! And its been one crazy month! We've been going to the Dr's a couple times a week for weight checks and she's finally made some progress! It took her a month but she's finally over birth weight 5lbs 6oz :)
She's looking a little bigger and is finally wearing a few newborn sized outfits! Her hair is still dirty blond with platinum streaks and growing growing growing! She has long beautiful eyelashes that she likes to bat at mummy and daddy :) Another milestone....she got her first tubby! She's not too sure how she like being in the water but loves getting her hair washed!

I haven't mentioned this yet but I finally feel OK talking about it. At birth the pediatricians were concerned with a few things about her. She has very long, slender fingers, a narrow chest, loose skin, hyper mobility or double joints in most of her joints and one pediatrician said she had low ears (they determined it was one crooked ear). The pediatrician sent us to a geneticist in our area to have her looked over. They did some blood tests to check her genes and chromosomes and we are still waiting for the results to come back. They also took an x-ray of her chest and back. They didn't say anything was wrong with the x-ray except that she has osteopenia. This means her bones aren't mineralizing. After further blood tests they found that she has low vitamin D and high levels of alkaline phosphates. We're also waiting on the results on her parathyroid. The geneticist also diagnosed her with camptodactly (permanently fused joints) in her two middle fingers on her left hand and possibly part of her thumbs. So far treatment for these two things just consists of a liquid multivitamin, vitamin D drops and early intervention to work with her fingers. As of now I'm not really worried about any of this she acts like a normal, happy, healthy baby. The Dr's are jumping to the worst just to make sure they don't miss anything. Waiting has to be the worst part of it all but we're just focusing all of our attention on loving our little girl :)


  1. Proud of you and praying with you and RESTING on God's promises!

  2. Things will work out. I miss you so much, and I'm glad to see you updated this. Waiting really is the worst, but I feel confident that Amber is going to be a healthy and wonderful person!

  3. Praying for you guys with everythign going on. She is a beautiful little girl and Im praying evrything with the tests will be fine.

  4. I SO VERY MUCH admire the faith you are exercising here. Hugs & prayers.

    Matthew 6:34