Thursday, October 22, 2009

Enjoying a Fall Day!!

Its been quite the week! But today we took a moment out of our crazy life to just enjoy a nice fall day. Daddy did some lawn work wile Mommy and Amber caught up with Auntie Allie :) and then Amber got to play in the leaves!! She wasn't too sure at first but I think she liked it (or at least the noise). We went to a pumpkin patch too and saw some giant bunnies!!
Monday-we had our first meeting with Early Intervention, it was a tad frustrating b/c the lady had no idea why she was there :/ and had no idea what camptodactyly was. We're praying that her evaluation this coming Tuesday will go better!
Wednesday- she had her one month appointment. It went really well, she weighed 5lbs 13.5 ounces (yaay almost 7 ounces in a week!) And she was 20 inches long (yaay her newborn outfits are now getting shorter!) The best news is 1) she didn't have to get any shots!! 2)we don't have to see the pediatrician for a WHOLE MONTH!!
Upcoming appointments- on the 27th she has her Early Intervention evaluation and the 30th she has an appointment with an endocrinologist (I'm guessing this means there was something up with her parathyroid levels, there is a serious lack of communication going on :/) and Nov. 10th a follow up with the geneticist (still no word on those tests :/)
I also got out twice this week!! And its amazing how God used both situations to remind me of His presence in our situation. The first was a Sunday night encouragement service. It was hard not to apply all the encouraging things everyone said to our situation. I was also very blessed by two lovely young women with their arrangement of the hymn "It is Well with My Soul". If your not familiar with the hymn or the powerful story behind it check it out:
The second was Tuesday morning bible study, it was great and very encouraging to be around such godly women and learn from them!
In my search for something to encourage the man in my church and a dear teacher who has just been diagnosed with cancer I found two verses that have calmed the storm of worry I let brew during this time of waiting. "Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:14 and "Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10
It never ceases to amaze me how if we just open our eyes we'll see how God uses every situation to show us something or encourage us!
Thank you for all of your encouragement!! :)


  1. He does supply all our needs. He knew that you and Luke needed that encouragement service as much as Mr. Harrington...(((hugs)))

  2. ...& you, in turn, might be surprised to know that this post encouraged me - & then I, in turn, encouraged "two young ladies" w/ your words. I do believe there is some truth in "What goes around comes around" :)

    I love some of your closing words here: "...if we just open our eyes we'll see how God uses every situation to show us something or encourage us!"

    Keep your eyes on Him. ((more hugs))

  3. Funny to come here and read this tonight...."if we just open our eyes.....". I felt that tonight watching Beth Moore's video, along with you. Though the 'orphaned' section was VERY hard for me, it helped remind me once again that the Lord will meet us wherever we are, using whatever our situation, so that we may boast in HIM and give glory to HIS ways.

    In regards to little Amber, she is perfect in HIS eyes despite whatever struggles she may face. And remember what Beth said tonight about our HISTORIES!