Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

 I can't even believe it! Little Miss Amber turned 1 on Saturday!!
We had a party for Amber a few weeks ago when my dad and brother were home. 

She loved all the balloons!
 And she loved her cupcake! 
 Especially the frosting!
 She kept her party hat on the whole time we did gifts!
 She loves opening presents!
She oo'd and ahh'd over each one!
It was a gorgeous day and we had so much fun! Amber was really happy the whole time! 
We are so blessed to have her and are looking forward to celebrating this next year of her life!


  1. Congrats! She is so flippin' adorable! I love the bows and she looks so happy to be starting her next year :)

  2. What a beautiful happy birthday girl! I think a 1st birthday should be celebrated twice, dont you Amber??? There are presents for you at Gramma and Paps in Pa!!! I am so glad you all got to celebrate with Grampa Collins! I think Ambers birthday balloon looks a bit like Luke...it just needs a goatee!! Is that how you spell that hairy portion of his chin....Goat-tee??? How did I get off the subject of birthdays? Amber...I love your birthday pictures and I especially love the other pictures of your day at the animal farm!! The one of the baby goat kissing Amber cracks me up every time I look at it! Thanks for being such a fun mom, Schuyler...you're awesome! Love you all and miss you and sending many hugs your way...♥

  3. It was a great day and she was amazing - just like her mom on her first birthday, oooing over clothes! First birthdays are definitely worth celebrating more than once!! Thanks for the pictures! I love you so much and thank God for the precious gift you and your happy "famiry" are to me. (((hugs)))