Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When It Rains

It Pours!! I'm not talking about the weather. I'm talking about the amount of Dr appointments Amber has had lately. It's been crazy busy here. We have seen or will be seeing every specialist that we have and some new ones. We also have some new tests coming up as well. Unfortunately this means I have a ton of new information that will turn your brain to mush just like mine :)

So my question is did you like the way I did it last time? A separate post for each appointment. Or do you want it all in one lump?

I will warn you it looks like this fall is going to be a busy one. Possibly busier than last years if you can believe that! Unfortunately this fall is making me feel the same way the last one did too.

She has never slept on her tummy ever!


  1. I kind of like the post for each appointment. I adore this picture and can't believe she crashed for a nap on her tummy!!

  2. What a precious Kodak moment you captured here. preference really as far as how you post. Whatever works best for you.

    Sounds like you have a busy schedule ahead. Maybe you can squeeze some fun fall time in by stopping at some farmstands & doing some leafpeeping enroute to & from all those appointments :)

  3. Oh it is so sweet to see Amber sleeping peacefully on her tummy!!! Thank you for the beautiful picture!
    And I think you should post which ever way is easier for you. It amazes me how you retain all that the Drs are saying with so many different needs. I appreciate it so much that you write this blog Skye. I know it is time consuming to reiterate everything...thank you for taking the time and write it whatever way is simpler and less time consuming for you.
    Been missing you guys so much,and wish I could be closer to help you and love on Amber. Tell Amber to watch for a package from Gramma! Love you all...thank you for the posts Skye.
    Mom Amick

  4. Hi Skye,
    Like the others, I think you should post in the way that is easiest for you. Of course, we appreciate the information any way that we get it! Thanks for keeping us updated! I love the pic of Amber on her belly. Did she roll over that way on her own? When Leen and I watched her, she seemed like she was going to be rolling over soon as she always seemed to almost get herself there! I look forward to reading your posts and have been thinking of you lots.
    Aunt Julie

  5. Hey Schuyler it's Steph (Baker, Clark whatever. From High School lol) I didn't know your little princess had so much going on. I'll think good thoughts and send them your way! I'm hoping to make it down to Mass sometime this fall to show Danica Pepperell. If you want a mini play-date let me know! She's gorgeous and she couldn't have a stronger Mama! I'll follow your blog too, if you get a second come check out mine!