Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello Blog Did You Miss Me?

Can you believe it's been a month since I've posted anything. I feel really bad in a way but I just haven't felt like blogging. There hasn't been much excitement here. We had a great New Years with our PA family and had a lot of fun but it was way to short. Honestly this has been a pretty boring month, it's been cold, people are sick so we're staying in!

So you're probably wondering whats going on with the little princess. She is very talkative, she can even say her name now!! She's still gaining muscle strength and even got fitted for a gait trainer! We're looking into water therapy programs for her, to increase her strength and get her stretching in in a more comfortable environment. Amber is definitely not a baby anymore! Everyday she acts more and more like a toddler and big girl.  The only bummer of the month is she's been running a fever on and off and de-sating a lot at night, since she has not other sickness symptoms it's a tad concerning to her Drs'.

For upcoming appointments she has an eye appointment tomorrow and a genetics appointment on Friday (weather permitting).  Our other upcoming appointment is a week long trip to PA!
You might have seen this on facebook but I think it's good enough to repost!


  1. Welcome Back! Wow - she really is growing up. I probably notice it more bc I haven't seen her in a while. What a cutie!

  2. nice outfit and does look very grown up, missing her goofiness and you guys

  3. It makes my day to read your blog...have missed your updates!!! What a great picture of Amber with her pigtails and all grown up looking!! And the video of her saying Amber..well, I have watched it several times a day since Luke posted it. Soooo precious!! I am still praying hard that her next word will be Momma!!!!! and then Gramma after that of course!
    Did I mention that I am a tad bit excited about your upcoming trip!!?? 8 days with you and Sweet Pea!! I am praying that nothing will stand in the way of that trip. I havent started counting down yet, but you know I will soon!! Love you all! Give Amber some extra loving for me!! and thanks again for your blog!! ♥