Monday, January 31, 2011

How I Beat Procrastination

Hello my name is Skye and I'm a recovering procrastinator. I'd like to tell you how great life can be when you're not in the ulcer inducing state of procrastination!
As you might know we have family in PA that we try to see as much as possible. I'll be totally honest and tell you these trips used to stress me out of my mind! There was always last minute packing, oxygen set ups, packing, laundry, packing and cleaning because you can't leave your house dirty people! It was crazy!!
Anyways I thought about it and I really couldn't figure out why I left things so last minute. I usually know almost a month or a least a couple of weeks in advance when we're going. I have a million packing lists already made up depending on current meds and time gone. I could not think of an excuse. It really hit home on the nightmare Thanksgiving trip. I did the oxygen waaay too last minute had to pull strings to get some and then packed/cleaned that day. It was awful, and if I had done it all in advance we could have left early during daylight and I probably could have avoided that nasty shoulder injury!
This is how Amber feels about procrastination:
                                       (actually I warned her she was getting a shot and she gave me this face)
Anyways! Last trip I was ahead of my usually last minute schedule and it was such a great feeling! I had no idea what to do with myself but I didn't feel like my head was going to explode.
This time around I'm doing even better. Oxygen is all set and I should be getting my new supply of medical stuff in before I go, meaning less stressing for when we get back. Tomorrow I'm all clear to start my packing!! I still have like 8 days to go!
Doing things in a timely fashion is so liberating! I wish I had figured this out when I was still in school!
Now if only our oxygen delivery people could get on the same kick. They called at 10 this morning and just showed up now at 8.....way to mess with my dinner and baby bed time!


  1. Hey with all the new blogs, you being a pretty good housewife and not being the ulcer inducing state of procrastination, will there be a wordless Wednesday this week.

    Love the officially old man, according to AARP

  2. You crack me up Skye! And I'm lovin all the blogs this week! Not so sure about that sad faced baby of yours though..she better brighten up...I like her big grin better! Talk to her about going to Gramma's instead of shots!! Glad things are going smooth in preparation, and I hope you can have a stress-free trip and visit with us! Please plan a shopping trip with Miranda..or at least some time to go out and have have a very willing baby sitter for as long as you like!!! Another vote for Wordless Wednesday! Its only even have a whole day to plan your pics!!! :) hugs to the 3 of you! ♥

  3. It always seemed so hectic when we had to take Gavin for appointments, etc. Over time I think it would've gotten better. Lists are our friends, for sure!! :) Can't wait to see you all!!