Thursday, June 16, 2011

Return Of The Zombie Mom

I really did mean to blog again before the NSTAR walk!!
 Unfortunately for you this means I have a lot to catch you up on. 
 We had a wonderful stay in PA. All of the pictures in this post are from our stay in PA but these are not all our pictures!  We were able to see a lot of family and have a lot of fun! Amber and I were supposed to stay for two weeks and unfortunately had to cut our trip a few days short because Amber got sick again. 
 We brought Amber to her pediatrician almost as soon as we came home and were told that she had pneumonia in both lungs. This was really scary because we're constantly told that an un-treatable pneumonia is most likely the way she will go. Thankfully since we caught it so quickly the antibiotics were able to do their job pretty much right away.
 Amber was back to her almost her normal self quickly but her lungs have taken a very long time to clear out. She finally sounded "alright" last week and is totally back to herself this week.
 We've finally started home nursing!! We've had a nurse during the day the last two days and I've loved it! I've been able to bake Luke's birthday cake stress free, get laundry done, do some much needed re-organizing to Amber's binders and blog! 
 Once "training" is done we'll have a nurse for 2 nights and 2 days. I know I've really been fighting bringing them it but it will be nice to have a little bit of a break, be able to sleep and get some much needed things done around the house. It will especially nice to have them the next time Amber is sick.
 I think that's all other than a few nightmares with our oxygen company and a few of Amber's prescriptions. I do have to say I'm not quite a Zombie Mom at the moment. This last round of Amber being sick was really rough though I had totally lost my mind hence why I wasn't blogging and I was putting the phone in the fridge. Thankfully Amber has been sleeping well for almost a week now (of course since we're going to be bringing someone in) and I can slightly turn my brain off when the nurse is here. 
 I do have a bunch of posts "in the pipeline" and I promise the next one will be about the NSTAR let's just say it went amazingly well!! Amber is appointment free until July!! We're praying that she can stay healthy she's been off the antibiotic for a week now. Last time she only had a week off before she got sick again, she's got to stay healthy so she can be a flower girl for July 2!!

I do have to say... YAY BRUINS!!!!!( Sorry to our canadian I-Cell families.)


  1. These photos make me smile...ahhhh, such fun memories!! So glad we took all those pictures to carry me over til next time we can all be together! Thanks for the post..always enjoy reading all that you write Skye. Praying Amber stays healthy for the July wedding...and then we can start praying for the August wedding! One day at a time, sweet Jesus!! Glad for your nursing help...sending hugs to the 3 of you!! ♥♥♥

  2. Thanks for the update! Enjoyed the pics. Looking forward to flower girl pics too! :) Sorry your trip had to be cut short. I'm glad to hear she's better and that you're getting some nursing help. Praying that she/they(?) are/will be such a blessing to your family.

  3. Looking at your pictures and reading your blog again today....Grammy and Pappy are missing you Amber!! ♥

  4. I just love looking at pics of Amber. She is so darn cute I could squeeze her!! I'm so happy you guys got a nurse to help a few days, we are just looking into that for down the road...I hope it continues to help you guys out! Oh and BUMMER our Canucks lost to you guys! It was a great series though!