Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hello My Name Is: Zombie Mom

So I had planned on updating about Amber's orthopedics appointment the day it happened (Tues.) and I really had no excuse since it was such a short and to the point visit. However I decided to take an epic nap and go to bed early instead.
I had also planned on doing a "girly" Wordless Wednesday for today but I decided to take another nap....and I will probably go to bed early again so hopefully I get this out year!
I did muster up enough energy to make a very delicious meal that I'll blog about tomorrow. I'm also going to apologize ahead if parts don't make sense!

So let me start off by saying Amber has been doing really well this month. She's getting a lot stronger and finally starting to build up some muscles. Her glasses seem to be motivating her to do more movement and stay in more challenging positions longer.

Our orthopedics appointment was at 8:30 and you're supposed to be there at least 45 min. early to get your x-rays done. This meant we had to leave our house at 5 am to beat heavy traffic, we get there really early but it's better than being really stinking late. We sign in at 8 and they tell us she doesn't need x-rays today, ugh we had checked two weeks before and they said she did. But I'm glad because this baby has had more than her share of x-rays. So we waited the half hour in the waiting room. Amber had breakfast, played with her little puppy, talked to daddy and watched Curious George.
They put us in a room, weighed her (13lbs with all her clothes on) took a temp but forgot to do length (poor new guy). The Dr. came in right away in a really good mood, an answer to prayer because they took forever last time and he was really grumpy! He looked her over commented on how her hips were doing great and he could really tell she was getting a lot stronger. He approved her for a stander, a walker and said she should do well with them but might need some orthopedic supports because she's so extra flexible. Then we were sent on our way! Unless there is some unforeseen problem we won't be seeing him for another 6+ months!

As for equipment for Amber it's going to be tough. She's only 23 inches long and hasn't grown in length since she was 5 months old. There is really great equipment out there but it's made for bigger kids so it's going to take a lot of looking, work and nagging to find the right stuff. Right now we're looking into modifying a regular baby walker. Once she's developed a little more and seems more motivated to really walk we'll move on to a walker/gait trainer type thing although I think with the support she needs these would be better. The other thing we're looking into is a prone stander. The prone stander would be really great for her because her breathing is really compromised when she's sitting, not quite ready to bear a lot of weight on her legs but still wants to up in a more upright position.

On the 19th we have an appointment with her pulmonary specialists and a follow up with cardiology. I'm really not looking forward to cardiology because we haven't made any decision about doing surgery or not.

Sorry about the lack of pictures I've haven't had a chance to get any new ones uploaded so here's an oldie but a goody! I miss that outfit : /


  1. I so miss that outfit!....and that hair, seems like a lifetime ago! I'm so glad she got the approval from orthopedics to go for the equipment, now we'll see how long it takes to get insurance to say ok...not to mention finding it. Thank you for cooking a scrumptious meal!

  2. Does prime rib and rice with 300 of my best friends match your meal?

    Glad the ortho visit went so well.

    see you in 22 days

    Love DAD