Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Search Continues and Welcome to Nesting!

So this nursery business has been consuming my brain for far to long now and causing to much stress! I can not wait for it to be over! But there is some sunshine at the end of the tunnel! After much online searching I found that Cocalo makes a complete bed set with the same colors, patterns and elephants as the Ellie collection!! Its more than what we wanted to pay for a bed set but since we haven't had to spend anything on furniture its doable. And here it is!
So one would think that I could relax now that we've found a bed set to go with the new colors. Nope now I'm back to square one with the wall colors! I'm still thinking two green stripes...but I'm not sure about the main color. I thought yellow but the hubby isn't too sure about that. He's thinking pink but I'm not sure if I want that much pink in there. So we shall see we might end up with every wall a different color lol!!
* * * *
Today I vowed not to think about the nursery.....the fact that I'm posting about it shows that its kind of impossible. I was going to work on some other baby projects but what started as a load of laundry turned into SUPER NESTING! Let me clarify the term "Nesting" for you, it really means "HOLY CRAP I only have 10 weeks left and I haven't done the things I needed to do and I am so not ready for this baby to be here!!!!" I finally finished unpacking and organizing all of the things we brought from our house into my parents house! I totally cleaned out and rearranged my bedroom. I now have a usable couch in that room!! All that's left is a getting a much needed bureau. But I can now show off our sweet painting job in there without being embarrassed by all the stuff that was piled every where! There really is something to be said for having a clean room (that you can actually live in)!
I don't have any good pictures of our room yet but once I do I'll post them because I'm super proud of the job I did in there :)
So 2 pre-baby projects down about 9 more to go.....heehee this number seems to be growing daily!


  1. Why is color commitment such a difficult thing???? Glad it's YOUR decision and not mine!

  2. I don't know its terrible :( pinks and yellows can be soo dangerous they never come out the way they look on the chip! Either too brite or too dull.