Friday, July 24, 2009

Shopping can be Dangerous

So I had my room idea all set before we found out that we were having a girl and it seems to be that the closer Oct. comes the hubby and I are being drawn to more girly things. The room that's going to be the nursery already has a periwinkle night stand in it so we decided to leave it in there to help make the room look more girly.

And here is were shopping becomes a bad thing! My mom picked up a super cute crib sheet (below) at Babies R Us a few weeks ago. On Wed. my mom and I went poking around Michael's and TJ Maxx after a kind of stressful baby appointment. I found these super cute baskets for the changing table. And now I'm starting to want to change the nursery completely!!

The only problem is I can't find any bedding set that I like. The sheet is part of Cocalo's Ellie collection. The problem is the bumper has no elephants on it I could applique my own on there but I'm not sure if I can handle the stress of that project right now. On Wed I also pick up this wall hanging that I LOVE and absolutely want to put in her room.

My mom and Aunt are thrilled (to say the least) that I'm changing my mind to have a more girly room. They went out on Thur. in search of girly bedding. Its very dangerous to send them shopping lol! They pick up this blanket that goes with the Ellie bedding, I love it!

They also picked up this adorable mobile. I'm leaning towards changing to a green, pink, yellow and lavender color theme so it will work perfectly! Unfortunately Babies R Us doesn't carry the bedding it goes to anymore!

So the searching continues for the new perfect bedding!


  1. IT'S A GIRL?!?! That's wonderful :)

    I've seen what you can do w/ an old sweater w/ holes in it!! sooo - I can hardly wait to see the nursery when it's done! :) Happy nesting!

  2. Thanks! Its slowly coming together. I love the projects you guys did in your house lol its really helped me get my butt moving on this nursery!