Sunday, August 15, 2010

Adventure Update 3 Early Intervention

 Early Intervention! What’s going on? Not much. Amber’s range of motion is getting so much better. She’s lifting her legs more and higher. She can’t quite grab her toes but it’s still a big improvement. She’s lifting her arms higher too. She can almost pull her bows out now. Her neck muscles are getting stronger. She does much better at stabilizing her head when she’s held. Her trunk is slowly, slowly, slowly coming along. She still becomes a puddle in her bouncy seat and car seat but it takes longer. She doesn’t slump as much and she can pull herself back up straight a few times before getting too tired. We’re working on supported sitting in a bean bag chair right now and it’s going pretty good!

 In case you were wondering her bean bag chair has a hedgehog face on it and little feet

She's also getting to be a champ at holding her own bottle!


  1. And did anyone mention..she reads the paper, sips coffee from huge mugs, and most importantly is the cutest most adorable little sweet pea one ever laid eyes on????? the pics Skye..appreciate the updates..miss you and wish I were there! is Grandpa Collins turn! Have a great week together

  2. Oh man! I can't believe I forgot the captions on those! Yes, she has to read everything. She always steals the Pier 1 fliers, maybe we have a future interior decorator? And she loves mugs, an early coffee drinker just like her mother.

    Miss you guys too!

  3. WOOHOO! GO AMBER! She is soo adorable.