Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome Home

The house once again feels like Grand Central Station with people coming and going! My brother recently returned from a 7 month training deployment and gave us a whirlwind of a visit. He flew in late Friday night and left early Saturday morning. We were able to visit a little bit but it definitely wasn't enough time! Hopefully we'll see him again soon.

Today my Dad flew in for a 15 day leave!

It's so great to see him again, it's also been 7 months! Amber was so happy to see him again. She gave him big smiles and coos! This visit won't be all fun and games Amber does have a few appointments that we'll still have to bring her to but hopefully we'll be able to make a fun day of it! 

I'm predicting fun posts to come!!


  1. Hoooray! Tell Granpa "Welcome Home" from us too! :)

  2. Smiles, smiles and more big smiles from the Amicks! Welcome home Vin! So glad you have some time with your family! I was hoping for pictures today of Amber greeting Grandpa..and here they are! Skye you are so faithful..thank you!!! enjoy your time together!!!

  3. awwww amber ur soooo cuteee! aunt sara loves you!!!♥