Thursday, August 12, 2010

We Took A Little Trip

Hello all! It’s been rather crazy here lately and I just haven’t had time to sit down and blog about it. Rather than overwhelm you, like I have a tendency of doing, I’m getting it all written down tonight and I’ll post it over the next couple of days.
We actually went on a little trip! All three of us! We left last Friday afternoon and we came back late Sunday night. It was way to short but so nice to see all of our PA family! 

This was Amber’s first trip on oxygen and her first on the g-tube as well.  Even though it wasn’t a long trip it was really stressful getting everything together to go. I’m ashamed to think that I used to stress out about packing enough diapers, outfits, ect… for her.  Things that I could have picked up at the local store or just wash. Running out of oxygen…not an easy fix! Thankfully we had more than enough oxygen for our trip. We called almost a month in advanced and had a big tank and a few little ones delivered to my in-laws house and we brought 4 of our own little ones.  We didn’t have any problems with her g-tube either! I’m finally getting really good at setting up the pump and getting it set up for running in the car. I actually did it all on the side of the road going down! Medically everything went smoother than I expected! The only bummer was Amber seemed a little under the weather but she still had plenty of smiles, giggles and stories to tell everyone. 

Our trip itself was way too short.  We had so much fun catching up and hanging out with family and friends all day on Saturday.  Saturday night we went to a beautiful wedding for my husband’s cousin (I wish I had taken pictures!).  It was so nice seeing extended family who we haven’t seen since November! Sunday we slept in late and then had more family and friends over for catching up/a joint Birthday party for my mother in-law and I.  I don’t think we could have asked for a better trip but that’s to be expected when you have such great family (I really lucked out!!). 

Amber of course was hardly spoiled the whole time ;) 


  1. I'm glad the three of you got to go and I wish it could have been longer for you. You and Amber are indeed blessed to have such a loving family.

  2. We had sooo much fun hope you guys can come back down soon love ya♥