Monday, February 7, 2011

A Little Bit Of This And That

Last Valentine's Day Amber decided to hold her own bottle!
It only lasted a few days.
Then over the summer (I think pre-surgery) she decided to start holding it again.
Then we went to G-tube feeding. Once we got back to bottles she preferred to not do any work.

When my Dad came home he decided to make her hold her own bottle again. For a few months now she's been feeding herself! She is getting so good at not only holding it but putting it in her mouth on her own. She'll even sit on the couch or in her highchair and keep on eating. 
 Look at that fancy one handed feeding!
 She even likes to share!
I think it's safe to say for Amber to say "I'm a big girl, I feed myself!".

We had a rough weekend, can you see it in her eyes? I'm so ready for Amber to feel better! I'm very far behind on my packing because pale peanut is needing constant attention. To make matters worse I was feeling under the weather over the weekend, thankfully I'm feeling a little better today. 

I do want to share with you our Sat. night/Sun. morning.
Saturday night we had a nasty ice storm with really bad winds. All night it sounded like trees were falling on our house. Amber who doesn't like loud noises spent the night screaming in terror so between the horrible noises and her I got about 2 hours of sleep maybe. I over slept for church but got up early enough to try and make Luke breakfast before he left for his car meet. Amber decided to get up early so Luke brought her downstairs and ended up stepping in a giant mound of cat puke! After saving him I went back to trying to make bacon (my 1st time) and wound up really really burning it and setting off the smoke alarms! Luke took over making breakfast while I tried to console Amber. 
Talk about a comedy of errors! 

In case you are wondering (mom & dad) our roof is fine!
The noises were ice covered branches and giant icicles falling on
 a very thick layer of ice covered snow.

We leave tomorrow!!
I'm still trying to figure how to make everything fit!


  1. Oh boy! What a weekend! I sure hope you are feeling better and today is not too stressful. Praying that Amber will be well for the trip and for the days to come. Thanks for the pics...I already am so excited that I cant stand I am really excited!!! You can rest ALL you want when you get to Pa...I will gladly entertain pale peanut! ♥

  2. What a weekend you have had!! We're grateful to you and Luke for holding down the fort while we are helping mom and dad recuperate. Glad to hear the roof is intact and you didn't burn the house down!! I'm hoping to see pale peanut's eyes looking back to normal. I loved the stroll down memory lane ~ my has she grown!! Praying for that 1/2 inch so her walker can be ordered!!

  3. I also put a video upp 4 yaa♥