Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back From Vacation

Hello! We had a wonderful time visiting our family in PA and had a very hard time leaving!

Amber loves being the center of attention and having so many people to play with her. We were there around Valentine's Day and had tons of fun making valentines and decorating cookies! Luke surprised us and came down for the weekend! 
Amber loved watching her aunt and uncle's basketball games and making friends with the other little kids there.
We always enjoy spending time with our family but it never seems like enough time! 

We've been back for about two weeks now. Our first week back is always hard. Amber gets so used to not being by herself and sharing a room with mommy that it takes her a while to be happy by herself again! 
Last week my parents came back! 
Unfortunately Amber came down with a really nasty virus last week and had a really rough weekend. Thankfully she seems to finally be getting better. 

I feel really bad that I took most of February off! Amber has so many new cute things she's been doing that I have to fill you in on. We also have a lot of follow up appointments to go to this month and next.

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  1. Welcome Back! So glad you had such a good time on your vacation. What a sweet tubby time pic of Amber :)