Thursday, April 21, 2011

Working On Wheels

Amber has been doing really well in her walker!

She's a pro at going backwards and turning sideways now! Her favorite thing is putting herself under the table.

We are still working on getting her to come forward.
 We've been trying all forms of bribery!! 
 She's also doesn't have lolly pops down yet.
 Once she gets it though....
 she loves them!
She has taken a few steps forward. Usually how it goes is, she gets really excited to move forward. Then confused about how to move so she ends up going backwards. Which makes her really happy so she goes running backwards until she gets stuck.
Along with lolly pops and cats we've bribed her with paper she can pull of the fridge and fridge/side of oven singing farm magnets. It's so cool to watch her discover more of her surroundings. I really love the visibility this walker gives her.

This is Amber's last week with the trial walker : /  Next week we'll discus the benefits of this one vs. her regular baby walker and also evaluate how she's doing in it. If it's decided that she'll be able to get one of her own I'm not sure how long the whole order/wait process will take.


  1. Gosh I really hope she can get one of her own!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my, are these pictures adorable. We think Amber is looking very much like Nana Lewellyn these is soooo cute!! I thought that, and then Mikyala walked in and said, oh my word, Amber looks so much like Nana!! Love the lolli-pop bribery and it is sooo nice to see her getting around and exploring. I sure hope she gets approved for this walker. She has gotten so much stronger over the past few months!!
    We are very, very excited that you are coming soon. Doing double time on school so we can have our year all done before you get here. Cant wait to see you!!! Only 20 more days!! :) Thank you so much for the pics today!!♥

  3. Amber, I'm looking at your pictures again! I LOVE your chubby little cheeks, your chubby cute fingers, your pigtails...well, I love everything about you! Cant wait to snuggle and play with you in 20 more days!! ♥ Gramma loves you Amber! Look at my picture and press the button and Gramma and Pappy will talk to you today!