Monday, April 4, 2011

The Ever Amazing Amber

Apparently Amber missed the memo that's she's not supposed to be able to do most things that "normal" babies do. In my last post I talked about how she had started sitting unassisted on our laps. I've seen other babies use a boppy to help them learn how to sit. So this morning I  thought I'd give it a try with Amber. 

Yes she's SITTING! Something we never thought she would do! This is her second try. At first she was really excited about throwing herself backwards but once she got over that she did really well! 

We also played around with sitting her on her squishy pillow with the boppy behind her.  In this position she can put some weight on her feet to help stabilize herself and hopefully reduce any pain she might have in her back (something we've had issues with before). She did really well in this setup too. 

On the floor she's forced to have her back straighter. We thought this would be more uncomfortable for her. Actually she seems to breath better this way and it seems that she can get her balance better too. She sat this way for a little over 20 minutes! The more she sat the better she was at it. She caught herself from falling back and was able to play with a few different toys. 

She loves it and did not want to take a break!!

I think this accomplishment and the fact that she's feeling/sleeping a lot better is the best way to start out our busy week:
Tuesday, we have a home visit with our PACT team (the palliative care people)
Wednesday, Amber starts her trial with her gait trainer (walker)!!! 
Friday, Amber has a 18 month Well-Baby visit/follow up to being sick

We're looking forward to a productive week!!!


  1. WOW!! Look at her!! And those cute is that?!

  2. That's so cute! And so fun that she's able to sit up! :)

  3. I am one happy Gramma today!! I love her kisses and her sweet laughs! And I cant even get over how strong she is sitting there...I am amazed!!! God answers our prayers..exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ask or think of! I am soooo thankful that Amber is feeling better!! I will watch this a million and one times..thanks! ♥♥♥

  4. Its so great to see her sitting up. Praying that all appointments this week go well.

  5. This is so stinkin cute o my gosh!!!!!!!! your baby is awesome good job amber!!!♥ love you guys