Friday, February 10, 2012

The Best Of Friends

Amber is turning into such a great big sister. 
This week Charlie has really started to "wake up". He's more alert, starting to get interested in toys and trying to make cooing noises, well it sounds like "whoo".
Charlie was getting some therapy time in the bean bag yesterday and Amber rolled right up to see him. 
They chatted for a while. Amber talks to him in a "baby voice" like we would talk to a baby and he whoo'd back at her. I think they were deciding who would keep me awake for which part of the night! 
Amber had the first shift, Charlie got the second and they both fussed when Daddy left for work at 4.
 And we all took a well deserved long nap this afternoon!
I'm not sure how much longer they'll both fit on my lap and in my arms!
She loves her "Charlie time", tonight she was helping burp him.
 I hope Charlie grows to love his sister as much as she loves him, he's not always too keen on her "loving"!
Poor Amber looks ready for bed!

This is so dear to me, Amber and Charlie meeting for the first time!
I can't believe how much he's already changed.

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