Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Lovely Little Valentines

The babies had their Valentine's Day "photo shoot" yesterday and although they looked super cute they weren't too happy about it. This is the winning photo of the day! It took about 5 of us to keep them semi happy!

 Here are a few outtakes:
 This is probably the happiest one of the bunch!
Amber is on the verge of her grumpy face here!

The babies and I had a very good Valentines day. The morning was a little rough, we said good bye to our visiting PA family and Amber did the 3 P's for her nurse. Puke, poop and pee so she ended up in quite a few different outfits! The afternoon was just the three of us, were getting pretty good at it. Charlie had a poop explosion, he wanted to get in on the outfit changes too. The poor guy was not happy about it though and Amber patted his head very nicely for a while trying to calm him down. Well that lasted only for a little bit and she gradually got more frustrated that he was not calming down for her so her patting turned to hitting and the next thing I new he was wailing on him with her binkey! Now normally I wouldn't let it go that far but I was up to my elbows in poop literally! 
It's been a poopy day but it's been a chatty day as well. Amber in response to  one of her Kitty books very excitedly told me "kitty, kitty, kit, kit, YAAY". She also yelled "Amber" at her Daddy and signed for her bottle while he was feeding her. Charlie, not to be left out, has been really trying his hand at "cooing" today. He's also becoming infatuated with his sister, looking for her whenever he's awake and she's talking. 

I have to say I lucked out having two very cute little valentines this year!

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  1. For some reason I am just getting around to seeing this!! Laughing at all the explosions on Valentines Day..and smiling that I got to be there for the photo shoot!!! I can picture the whole thing...Amber patting Charlie and then her pats turning into more than a pat...and oh, I would have LOVED to hear her say kitty and Amber and Yayy!!! I only missed it by a few hours!! Maybe next time!!
    Sure do miss my Amber kisses at bedtime....give a few kisses to them for me!! Miss you all! <3