Thursday, February 9, 2012

So if you think I'm pretty bad at keeping up with blogging I'm even worse at keeping up with my YouTube channel. It really is a crime! I've been hording tons of cute videos of Amber, some of them are almost a year old. I finally sat down the other day with Amber's "help" and uploaded a bunch of videos. Some of them are not the greatest quality, you have to be sneaky to get what you want from her. Some of them I haven't even bothered to re-watch so hopefully what I think is on here are the right ones! 

For Amber's 2nd Birthday we took her to the Franklin Park Zoo. 
They have the coolest exhibit there where you can buy a seed stick and feed the Budgies! 
They come right up to you and will even perch on the stick!
Amber loved it!

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