Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Growing Growing Growing

Here's my 7th month pictures! I think my hubby took these before vacation (on his phone)

She's getting to be really really big and running out of room. I could probably do a picture everyday or week at the rate she's going! Most days the bump is no longer nice and round but very lumpy due to random appendages that she's sticking out (I got hold of a chubby leg the other night and was able to move it around lol)


  1. You need to add "scary" to the choices!!!

  2. Welcome home (from vacation:) & Happy Birthday! WOW - Things they are a changin'! ... & before you know it you'll be changin' a sweet little one on that changin' table which will be in that room that's changin' too! :) SO much change! How exciting :)