Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Painting is almost done!

What a weekend and what a week so far! We've been madly painting and the main wall colors are done (mom just finished the final wall this morning!) now its time to paint the trim, stripes and stencils!! I haven't been painting the room because of the poor ventilation in there so I've been in the garage cleaning, sanding and painting a doll highchair and the changing table. I still need to add some "flare" to them but they're ready! It getting very exciting the colors look amazing in the room (the pictures do not do them justice the green is more bright)
We had my family birthday party this weekend and my mom gave me the bedding and three elephant wall plaques (that match the bedding) and its even cuter in person!! I can't wait to put everything together its going to look super awesome! By the way we've actually had some summer weather this week so here is a picture of me dying as I try to clean off the changing table (my feet are still trying to recover from the last few days)


  1. Dad read your blog and wants to know, what about him?? ;} If he hadn't got the ball rolling we probably wouldn't have painted yet, especially in all this heat!!!

  2. Hope you don't mind (forgiveness instead of permission??) I linked to your blog in a post of mine. I love you, cutie pie, and you know my previous comment is just teasing (the winkie emoticon got kind of squished).

  3. lol yes I know you're teasing he was included in the "we" and yes without his help we probably would still be painting in there! And I don't mind, as long as you teach me how to do that link thing!