Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh Baby!

I've been working on the wall letters all night (and early morning) and something about seeing her name always gets me! I don't know what it is. We may not know what you look like baby but at least we have a name for you! Here's my favorite picture of the tiny wonder so far! Tiny being her word for the day, at every appointment she measures a week behind but today/yesterday (its 1:48am!) she measured almost three weeks behind. They're not concerned yet, mainly because hubby and I are not very big people, but we will be starting our weekly appointments sooner to keep an eye on her. Of course whenever we have any worries about our little peanut it always makes me think of Psalm 139: 13-16. How He is creating her innermost being, He knows the day she will come and all of her days before she is even born! She is and will be exactly how He has purposed her to be so there is no need to worry He is in control of her tiny life.

Good night! (and good morning!)


  1. She (your tiny wonder) is indeed wonderFULL! You know what they say - Good (wonderFULL?!) things come in small packages. Psalm 139:13-16 offers you rest - perhaps you should get some...after being up at 1:48AM :)

  2. After Kathy's devotional at Alanna's shower and this post, I'm fully confident that you are going to be a great mom (not that I had any doubts). How comforting to know that God chose you to be Amber's mom and will equip you with everything you need to be her mom!