Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas is Coming

And Amber's getting fat! Well not really but she's about 7 pounds now. Its more like and the momma is very busy! I've taken all our Christmas pictures, finished Christmas shopping, made tags for the presents, made a gingerbread house and sent Christmas cards! Now all I have left to do is wrap presents (that's today's goal) and do some more baking!
Wednesday night I was up till 12am making the pieces for the gingerbread house and yesterday my cousin's wife and I attempted to make the houses. HOLY CAT FIGHT is that hard!! My shapes weren't exactly straight (this is very important lol) and the frosting wasn't getting hard enough (we were too close to the heater lol). It was frustrating but we had a lot of fun, and were very entertaining to everyone watching. My cousins house was beautifully decorated but sadly fell apart before I got any pictures of it. I was so done with the whole thing that I kind of just slapped some things on it to be finished lol. Here it is.

the other side the hearts are actually in some kind of a pattern

I spent this morning making tags for our presents (because I usually wrap first and then forget what present goes to which person) It didn't take me too long and was really pretty easy. I cut some squares of card stock, stamped it, colored it in, added some glitter glue and wrote to and from. Here they are:

I'm very proud of the fact that I actually sent cards this year :) I think it came out pretty good

I've made quite a mess lol I have wrapping paper, gifts in bags and just Christmas-y things all over the place! I really need to go wrap those presents now, while Amber is happy. I've got two little helpers too!
Can you see Boo sleeping on the gifts and Mr Pickles doing something (probably along the lines of eating them).
Christmas is coming soon!! I have some very cute and festive pictures of Ambergini I'll upload later! Uploading pictures from my phone is fast and easy but, the quality is a tad crappy lol like the ones above :/
btw sorry I said lol about a million times in this post!!


  1. I'm impressed with your new background and of course I find your banner irresistably adorable!!!

  2. Awww...My - you have been BUSY!! Where do I start?! Your background is so fun! & the new banner...too cute :) The gift tags are SO pretty & I am ReAlLy impressed that you would even attempt to make a gingerbread house from scratch - let alone that it would turn out so nice! Such sweet Christmas Cards too :)

  3. eeeee! you have way too much patience my friend :)

  4. I love the pic of Amber in the stocking, we did the same for RuthAnne's first Christmas; probably won't be able to do it for this ones... it will probably be almost a year for its first. Also, you are doing way better than me. I have barely started thinking about taking Christmas pictures... lol

  5. MEWoodward I think santa's going to bring you a little baby in your stocking this year :)

    I've decided that gingerbread houses are like having babies its hard work and afterwards you say I'm never going to do that again and then you think about it and your like well maybe we'll do it again next year :)