Monday, December 7, 2009

Showing off :)

I know I promised some holiday posting and yes it will be coming soon but we had such a good day today that I just had to share it!!!
Today our regular early intervention therapist came with a nurse who specializes in development to discuss some of Amber's setbacks and what the Dr's have told us so far. It was my turn to impress them first sharing my knowledge of medical terms, explaining her conditions and my super binder skills! Not to pump up my own ego but there is such a stigma associated with young parents that it was nice to finally have someone recognize that I actually know whats going on :)
Amber's turn was next she totally aced today's session! She did everything cognitively that she's supposed to be able to do right now. This is a recent accomplishment and it really wow'd the nurse and her therapist. She did great eye contact, turned her head to the side and up to look at me and her Grammpy, was being very vocal in a bunch of ranges and talking back and reacting to the talking around her! Her neck control is getting a lot better even in just a week! Her therapist even commented on the remarkable improvement she's had this week, even in her hands! I know its still going to take some time before she's all "fixed" but I'm so proud of her accomplishing so much already! Thanks again for all your prayers I really believe Amber couldn't have come so far without them!
Here are some pictures of Amber and her PA Grammy enjoying some time together!

I'm proud to say her face making ability is one of the few traits she got from me :)

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  1. That was definitely too good of news not to share!! YEAH! & Kudos to you too, MommmaSkye, for keeping well informed & keeping her doctors, etc. well informed too. Your vocabulary must have increased dramatically recently.