Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Feline Friend

I'm done with Christmas shopping! Today I'm supposed to be wrapping presents, getting a Christmas card picture done and baking. Well that's not really happening because Amber was (emphasis on was) having a good morning and wanted to talk to and be played with. I ran upstairs for the Boppy and came back down to find this:
She was telling Jada some big story (they're very good friends)

Then she realized I was there and told me some big story (I talk back)
This is some of our conversations...please ignore my ridiculously high pitched voice.

I took the video on my phone (can you see the other cat in the background)
I was able to get some cute pictures for our car and some gifts before she started fussing and fell asleep again. I still need a few more pictures and I think I might post them tomorrow, they really are adorable! Well I'm off to make gingerbread pieces for house making tomorrow!! Wish me luck I've never done it from scratch before!!
BTW we have 4 cats...sometime I'll introduce you to them :)


  1. She looks SO alert!. What a little jabberbox (both of you!:) That's so neat...that you're able & willing(!) to put aside busywork - even at such a busy time - to spend time & "visit" w/ Amber. You're such a good babymomma :) ...I think that's what she was trying so hard to tell you here :)

  2. That's so adorable....even if you didn't get your presents wrapped....and thanks for persevering and persisting and finally doing a gingerbread house from scratch!

  3. Thanks kid, pretty neat to see / hear the conversation being away

  4. Skye,
    Thanks so much for your blog. It is officially Christmas morning, and this Mom/Gramma is missing you all very much. The video and pictures are wonderful, even though they are making me cry! And I appreciate reading all your thots and the things you have been up to! Give sweet Amber a kiss from Gramma Amick and tell her how very much I love her!
    love you all,
    Mom Amick

  5. Awwww Skye this is soo cute!! I miss you guys and Amber soo much!! Hope you can come down soon!! Mikayla ♥