Saturday, February 13, 2010


We have Splints!! It's only taken about 4 months but we got them on Wednesday!

Never in my life have I been more excited to bring Amber to the Dr.'s! Oh yes and we braved the elements...which turned out to be not that bad at all and we were taken early yay no waiting! The lady had even done a baby before; a one pound baby so miss beanie looked like a hippo to her :) It’s so nice to hear "you have a big baby!" Yes I would like to think that in munchkin land Amber is a giant. Well the first material just wouldn't do "she has such big hands"! Yes, we're thinking basketball or bassooning heehee. The next stuff worked fine and we now have "functional" splints for her giant baby hands :) Just so you can get an idea of the size here they are on a standard card sized envelope with a pen in front of them.

She really is a good sport about wearing them. Although at this point they are still interesting and confusing to have on. We'll see how it goes; she does seem to be in a little pain when we put them on for additional wear time and when we take them off. We’re working up to wearing them for 2 hours and having them off for 2 hours throughout the day.
The good thing is she can now chew/suck her thumb. She's never been able to properly do this before. The material is also pretty good for teething.

The bad news is it kind of hurts when she whacks you in the face with them

We are so happy with them! We've even begun to notice her hands being more "relaxed" for an hour after they've been off and it seems like she's getting more use of her thumbs! We go back this coming Wednesday to make sure they are still fitting properly. She will need new ones as she progresses and grows.
This is such an answer to prayer!

By the way any post that has to do with Amber's journey will be labeled Amber's Adventure. I'll be going back to label all our previous posts on her condition.


  1. Hooray! That's wonderful news. God is good. She looks like she's taking it all in stride too. What a good little sport she is.

  2. I'm glad you've gone through and labeled them. My, what a journey I just had looking through all her specific posts. Hard to believe it's been 5 months.

  3. Smiling to read your post...smiling to see Amber..smiling to see her whack you in the face and you laughing about it...smiling to hear that her hands are already relaxing! God is good, and He knows just what is best for our sweet precious Amber. I love you and pray for you all often! Thanks for the blog!
    Mom Amick

  4. I'm so glad to see that these splints are working out!