Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh What A Week!!

This has been quite the week for us and its not even over yet!!
~ Was my dad's birthday! We got to video chat with him; put up a birthday banner, lite a candle in a cupcake and sing happy birthday, I'm not too sure what Amber thought but it was a lot of fun talking to him.
~ (these three days kind of melted into one we were having so much fun!) We headed off to PA! We got a later start than we wanted but Amber slept the whole way down so we made really good time!! I learned three new games! Amber had so much fun being the center of attention and playing with her aunties and grammy and pap (or pop ?) We left (dragging our feet) on Wednesday afternoon. We had to stop once (for an hour!) to feed the baby and didn't get home till 10!! It was such a nice trip and we all can't wait to go back again soon!!
~ What a blurr! Got up late but made it to our appointment on time! Amber had her hips x-rayed, they are maturing at a slow rate (this mean it could progress to hip dysplasia). The orthopedic did not recall talking about her radial heads ossifying and looked back into Amber's older x-rays and said that he misspoke and they are fine! That was frustrating but good to hear! He had to get up to the O.R. so he was less than helpful today, so not much news from him. The only really good thing we got out of him today is he's sending us to a Hand Specialist!!! We go next Wednesday and she'll have her finger splinted then (FINALLY!!!)!! We saw the geneticist today as well. Our visit with her was also really frustrating. She no longer thinks its Beals or Marfan syndrome. She said she could still test for them but that even people with more defining characteristics of the syndromes could have a false negative result. She had Amber's metabolic levels tested again because she is still concerned about her slow growth (her band-aide tape has hearts on it for valentine's day). She's also very concerned about her chest and thought that it looked worse than before, so now she's sending us to a pediatric pulmonary Dr. To avoid rambling on and on here I'll summarize our visit; she has no idea what's up with the peanut we're pretty much starting over or just saying "eh she looks kinda different, develops a little bit slower but that's just our Amber, because normal is a dryer setting"
~ remember its national wear red day!!! make a statement about fighting heart disease in women!!
~ Well there's not much left to it. Hopefully I'll be able to relax some, I have a few appointments to make and errands to run. My major thing that I'm dreading (like God please stop the sun type dread!) is Sunday I'll be playing my bassoon with the clarinet choir in the evening service. I haven't really played it for a year and I haven't been able to practice the piece much either, its going to be interesting!!

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  1. My head is still spinning after today, such a ridiculously long day for a whole lot of nothing....but I did enjoy lunch/supper at Friendlies'. I like your "normal is a dryer setting"...we'll work on phone calls tomorrow...and you will be fine with the bassoon, like riding a bike!...just practice your brains out between now and sunday!