Friday, February 5, 2010


Did You Remember?
Did you happen to notice a lot of people wearing red today?
Today is Feb. 5th Nation Wear Red Day
A day to recognize heart disease in women

"Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts — everyday women are dying at the rate of almost one per minute. Speak up. Make a difference. Show your support for the fight against heart disease in women by wearing red. It’s an easy, powerful way to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease and stroke. "
I found this quote HERE I think it sums up the day pretty well

Did you know?
Heart Disease is the No. 1 killer of women in the U.S.
It's a pretty scary fact! I'm sure (just like me) you are related to or have someone very close to you that has either died or is battling some sort of heart disease. Thats why I think its so important to raise awareness of this silent killer. By no means am I saying the other issues that women face are less important, I just think that heart disease sometimes falls into the shadows of other issues. I know in the wake of New Year's resolutions
and with Valentine's Day and beach days ahead of us (I know that one seems a stretch right now) the last thing you want to hear is someone talking about working out. But seriously exercising and eating healthy can really help reduce your risk of heart disease.
Did you miss it?
Thats ok! Grab your running shoes and a box of Cheerios because everyday should be a wear red day (no matter your age!!)

I wore red today and so did my mother unfortunately I did not get pictures. On that subject if you were wondering about my pictures heres the deal; I took the top one its my great grandmothers santa (aka creepy santa), the next two I found on the internet a long time ago so I don't have any references (that might not be the right word I'm drawing a blank), the last one I found a long time ago like the others but I edited on my computer


  1. I love the heart images you've found....I'm not a fan of creepy Santa ;) It was neat to be on the lookout for people wearing red yesterday. Thanks for caring about heart disease!

  2. It was fun! I don't think creepy santa is as creepy in picture as he is in real life :)

  3. Hey - nice job playing your bassoon last night! Neat arrangement/performace. Thank you! :)