Friday, April 9, 2010


Happy Easter!
Yes, I know I'm really late but we've had some gorgeous weather so I haven't been on and we've been having Internet issues on top of it all! I'm not going to lie for some reason it just didn't feel like Easter this year. We hard boiled eggs but never got around to coloring them and we didn't really do baskets. We did do a family dinner. It was really nice except my cousin's daughter threw up in the middle of it (literally!). I know its not all about the traditions! I missed Palm Sunday :( We had a wonderful cantata for the Good Friday service. A great Easter Sunday sermon and communion fell on Easter Sunday so that was really cool. I feel horrible but my heart just wasn't in the Easter spirit this year.

We got a much needed family picture taken :)

Amber looked adorable!
There is a funny story behind our dresses. Mine is the dress for all occasions. I got my dress in Easter 08, the Easter Luke and I got engaged, wore it last summer when I was hugely (ok hugely for me!) expecting little beans and wore it again this Easter!
(thank you Target for you're wonderful quality)
Amber's dress is about 26 years old! My grandmother bought it for my Aunt when she was expecting baby number 3. They thought it was going to be a girl but it was boy!
It's a beautiful dress!

We opted not to do baskets for each other this year but we did do one for Amber. We kept it simple. She loves the little chicken it's light weight so she can hold onto the wing and well.... wing it around.

Instead of traditional baskets I made basket cupcakes this year! They came out pretty well. I don't really have it down to a science yet so I'm going to hold off on posting instructions for now.

I think it was very fitting that Amber got to try carrots at Easter time! She loves them to the point where she eats them off of her bib, its too cute! Thankfully she hasn't turned orange yet! She'll be trying sweet potatoes and pees next and then its on to fruit!

Hope you all had a great Easter!
Isn't it wonderful to know He Is RISEN! and we have no fear in death!! I think its a wonderful way to start spring. As we wonder at the new birth/growth He has given us to enjoy on this earth we can also celebrate the new life He has freely given us through Salvation! Amen!

I had a lot of time to think about such things as I was trying to clean out our poor ignored garden. I am so grateful He does not give up on us when we become entangled in earthly things and overrun with the weeds of sin! There are a lot of great parallels between our Christian lives and gardens but I think I'll save the rest for another day.


  1. Amen!

    & I loved the story of Amber's Easter dress. How neat that your aunt saved it all that time! What a beautiful heirloom to inherit .. and so fitting for such a beautiful baby girl.

  2. Thought provoking and convicting...I love your garden analogies and now I feel guilty for wanting to give up on it because of the tangled mess.