Friday, April 23, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Sorry about the lack of posting going on lately! I think all the lack of sleep is catching up with me. I've been a zombie lately! Monday night was good she only got up once but every other night has been pretty bad. There has been stuff going on...well more like piling up, I've been having issues motivating myself. I've done some cleaning, judged for a homeschooling event and worked on getting favors ready for our women ministry event.
I woke up the other morning to Amber eating her blankets. I think she's finally really teething she's been chewing on everything....and I mean everything!
The fruits have been going pretty good. She loves peaches and prunes! She's not too sure about pears, I think its a texture thing. The fruits are really tart. She makes the cutes sour face when she first starts to eat them. I have a video of it but I still can't make videos work on here.
The solids are catching up with her though and she's been horribly constipated for a week now. We've been trying everything, it seems to finally be working. I think we'll hold off on trying apples and bananas because they're on the list that constipates :( On top of it the poor thing has awful diaper rash, so we're switching back to pampers.

The hubs worked his magic and now we get Netflix through our Wii.
It's a wonderful but dangerous thing.
I must admit I've been having a Fraggle Rock marathon this week.
I think a certain little someone must be getting hair styling tips from them :)

She's a bit crazy just like her mommy :)

We're going to load up on our coffee now!
I've got two dozen cookies to bake for the event tomorrow and a bunch of other things I need to catch up on! You can expect a new baking recipe to show up and maybe some nice meals the hubby has been trying out!


  1. Ok,'ve really been getting no sleep. I can't decide which is funnier - the paper mustache or Amber wanting the espresso cup! I hope she decides to start sleeping. At least she's giving you a decent chunk in the evening.

  2. 7 mos?! Time flies. Took a few minutes to get caught up here after being away. WOW - Amber's been busy trying all kinds of new things in the short time that I was away :)