Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dinner With Amber

Since I can't seem to get my videos up and working on here, I'm inviting you all to a photo journey of Amber's dinner time.

Tonight's Menu: Oatmeal and Applesauce (1st time!)

Patiently waiting for dinner. She gets very excited! Although tonight she seems a bit more interested in the camera phone than what she's about to eat.

Her first time trying applesauce! She's not too sure about it. I was hoping for a better reaction but it has the same consistency as pears so I guess I'm not too surprised.

Tonight she was more interested in Daddy than eating.

So Daddy took a turn feeding her!

She was all smiles for him!
This is her new squinty smile, its very silly!

But even Daddy couldn't get her interested in eating tonight.
She decided her bib was far more interesting.

All done!! (time to eat fingers now)
It was a lot of work but she did end up eating everything.

We have two more days of applesauce. It will be interesting to see if she warms up to it or throws it up like pears. Then its on to BANANAS! We've been dying to try it!

The good news is we've been getting a lot more sleep lately! The bad news is it's because we all have a horrible cold :( (that could be why dinner didn't go over very well)

Tomorrow we have an early morning endocrinology appointment. This is the appointment we had to cancel back in......some month I can't remember right now but it was when our water pump died. My brain is a complete fog so I'm not quite sure what this appointment is for but I think its blood levels we had taken ages ago.


  1. Awww, Amber are so precious. It is nice to see your smile and your funny faces! Your daddy IS pretty silly, or was it the applesauce that made you do that??? Thanks Skye...I have been missing you all very much, and it helps to see Ambers pics. Love you all!

  2. you're so incredibly cute Amber....just thot I'd tell ya!
    grammy loves you, and i visit here often just to look at your picture!
    i miss you!