Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Milestone

This always happens. I have days when I think Amber will never be like other babies; never roll over, sit up or walk. She always picks these days to amaze us. For a while now she's been getting her legs in the right position to roll onto her tummy. She tries really really hard but she can't figure out how to get her top half over.
So I gave her some help. And to my complete surprise she liked it! Usually she screams but she actually wants to be on her tummy now. She only stays there for about 5 mins or so. She still can't turn or lift her head but she tries. She can get up on her toes and she will lift up her hips and belly!

She is a cutie!
There is a new baby store near us that has the coolest toys! She loves her new snail (thanks grammy!) She hardly has to touch it to make it roll, light up or sing!

And She loves looking at that cute baby in the mirror.
The mirror is all gooey because she was rubbing her binky on it.

I can't believe she's almost 7 months! She is suddenly growing up so fast. She tried peas and they gave her horrible gas. Not just stinky like green beans but the hard tummy, upset baby gas. So they are a no go! She loves sweet potatoes :) We're trying a new brand of oatmeal that does not contain wheat so hopefully constipation is a thing of the past! We try peaches tomorrow!!
Our other big news is Amber is sleeping in her own room!! I know I can't believe it either....well you're all probably thinking finally hee hee! It's weird but the first night went well she only woke up to eat twice and put herself to sleep (without me) a bunch of times. I'm looking forward to getting some good sleep!
It's ironic almost everyday I can't wait for her to be able to do more and grow up but when I start to think about it (or put outgrown clothes away) I just want her to stay a snugly little baby forever. I think its the worst and best part about being a parent.


  1. Schuyler, thank you so much for the updates on your blog..they mean so much to me! It is hard being so far away. I am sure your dad is appreciating this too.(Praying for you and Ian, Vin!)
    I am sooooo excited to see Amber on her belly!! What a wonderful accomplishment.... Amber is trying to roll and can lay comfortably on her belly for a short time now and is even pushing up with her toes!!!! Go Amber!!!! Gramma is so proud of you!! Amber, I would love to see your face when you try peaches may never want to go back to veggies!!!
    Love you all, and so appreciate the pictures and stories of what is going on in your lives!

  2. Hi Amber...I just showed up on here to look at your adorable photos. I miss you today! I love your precious smile, and I love to see you on your belly! Gramma is sending you big hugs! I love you!