Saturday, March 19, 2011

Amber Out And About!

 First of all I have to say,
 Amber loves to go anywhere.
She gets so excited when we put her in her car seat. 
She even tries to strap herself in, it's so cute!
She loved the "fort" I made her too.

Yesterday my parents and I took Amber to the 2011 Boston Flower and Garden Show.
It was so much fun! The theme this year was container gardening. Every display had to have some sort of container in it. Some were made entirely of containers and some had a few containers here and there. Most of them took to the challenge and used very nontraditional containers such as half an egg shell, a skull or a drilled hole in a rock, just for some examples. Others dressed up the traditional window box or pot. No one disappointed! 
 Amber had so much fun looking at everything!
 I really liked this moss lady!
 The Blue Hill display had a little owl. Amber loved it!
 They also had amateur competition through different garden clubs.
This one in particular was butterflies made completely of plant matter.
 There were lots of cool fountains, rock formations, ponds and any type of garden you could make!
 Above and below are part of our favorite display made by the Newport Garden Show.
They had a table setting, chandeliers and this lady all completely made of plant matter and the detail on them was amazing. She had earrings, buttons down the back of her dress and a train! 

There was so much to look at we really enjoyed ourselves! 
For more of my pictures you can look Here

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