Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This Is Where I Woo You With Pictures Cause I Don't Have A Lot To Say....

First of all sorry for the general lack of posting but...
 the peanut is sick again.
 It seems like just a cold but the congestion is really getting to her.
 She's needed to be held most nights just so she can breath right. 
So you can imagine how tired I am!

She is quite the amazing child...
 Even though she's been so sick she's taught herself how to sit on a lap with no help!
 She's really happy about trust me!
Amber saw her neuromuscular neurologist this past week. They agreed she has been doing really well for being so sick and recommended she get more PT. As much as everyday (yikes) or as little as twice a week. They also want her to get into an aqua therapy program and a hippo therapy (horses) program. 
I've looked into a few places. So, this week and next we'll be talking about it more with her pedi and EI person and hopefully making some decisions about it. I'm also praying since she grew that half inch we can get  her walker!! 

Amber's new trick is, if you hold her while you're eating she steals your food.
 This is new favorite thing to steal.
 Yup that's mushy half of Peep.
She doesn't really eat it eat it but more sucks on it till it's really gross. 

 We've also been doing a lot of spring cleaning around here!
 We rearranged the living room and all the baby stuff has ended up here : )
Amber's toys are now in the bottom two shelves and a basket next to the book shelf. Her books are now on the shelf she's laying on in the picture. I also did some major cleaning in her bedroom! It was really sad going through all of her clothing. Her preemie clothes used to be so big to me and now they're unbelievable tiny, especially the socks!! I don't have any pics of her room I need to make her some curtains and then I'll finally have some finished nursery pictures to show you all! (It's only taken me a year and a half) 

This is something else that's on my "To Do" list;
 take some nice pictures of Amber in all of her beautiful dresses! Oh and get her another hair cut!

I think that's all!
This is how she keeps tabs on all of us


  1. Wow - she's getting so strong....sitting by herself! Cute pics...she looks like a baby doll on the toy shelves :)

  2. Amber, you are so sweet! I love your beautiful new dresses from Aunt Jen!! Your hair is getting so long!! I can see in your eyes that you dont feel well, but sure am happy to see pictures of you!! Thank you Schuyler!! I love the last picture of her looking at you in the mirror!! She has such personality..it shines thru in the pictures! Love you all and miss you! ♥