Thursday, March 17, 2011

Starting Spring Right!

We're doing things right and starting off this spring in good health. Yes, Amber is finally 100% back to her normal self! 
Yesterday's Genetics follow up went really well. Amber was in good spirits and other than her gum over growth nothing else has changed! Yay!! She had her usual blood work done to check the levels of her iron, potassium, white blood cells, electrolytes and some other things. Her last couple of results have been pretty out of whack and we think that might have been some of the reason why she had been so sick. Thankfully the results of yesterday came back showing almost everything has started to come back to normal levels! Amber weighed less this visit (but she's been sick) and she's grown half an inch! Which we're really excited about because she should be able to get her walker now!

The other awesome thing about yesterday was being able to meet with another I-Cell mom!!
She has twin boys with I-Cell and we met through a Facebook support group. She doesn't live in our area but was doing some work up here and we couldn't pass up the chance to meet her! It was so nice to be able to chat with another mom who's going through the same things as us. Someday I'd love to have Amber and boys meet, I think they would have so much fun together! She has a blog too HERE, the boys are sooo cute!!

We had a GORGEOUS day here today!! Nice warm weather, in the 60's. Amber was able to enjoy some fresh air. She loves to be outside and thought it was really funny that her cat Boo could come out too! 
Amber also got to touch snow for the first time today! I know, it's weird to think about, it was warm but we still have snow in most places. We're looking forward to more warm weather these next days!!

Amber wanted to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
(this was supposed to be posted sooner)

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  1. Skye..thank you so much for the info about the Genetics glad to hear that her levels are good! So exciting that you got to meet Mercedes and I am sure you could have talked for hours! Glad you have encouragement from other I-cell moms!
    That picture is HILARIOUS!!!!! Her facial expression along with the hair and green cracks me up!! Thanks for makin life fun Skye! ♥