Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recipe For A Chubby Baby

I obviously don't have one, do you?
I do know how to make myself chubby though.
I've been eating tons of these (yes I finally made them!!)

They're amazing and easy and I'll tell you how to make them next post {I promise}!!

I'm sure you're all dying to know how our endocrinology appointment went. I love this Dr, he makes us drive an hour to tell us something he could have said over the phone. UGH! I have foggy brain {again} so I'm going to split this in two and tell you everything about her levels first and then the beginning of our appointment that didn't have to do with Dr {but probably should have}

I case you're not sure whats going on {I don't blame you she has a lot going on} the endocrinologist is a Dr that deals with hormones. In Amber's case he is monitoring/treating her rickets/vitamin D deficiency. The normal range of Vitamin D in all people should be between 30-100 depending on age and size. When Amber was first tested in October her level was 10. After being treated with a high level of Vitamin D and Calcium she was re-tested in December. Her level shot up to 204! At that point he took her off all medication. In January her levels dropped to 78. At our appointment yesterday we found out the results of her February testing. Its now 38. So when does she have her levels tested again....NOVEMBER! To me that's a big drop in one month and it seems crazy to go 9 months without testing her. His reasoning is that she should be at 30-32 and that she'll be getting some Vitamin D in the sunny months. I'm just praying that she doesn't go back to a 10 :(
Lets take a break and look at how adorable she is and take a poll;
Is this picture cute or kind of creepy?

I'm not sure
Back to the appointment! Amber has not been weighed since the beginning of March! We've been dying to know how much she weighs now since she's eating cereal, fruits and vegetables! At her last appointment she weighed 8lbs 10oz {at 5 months} Yesterday at 7 months she weighed 8lbs 13oz! I was shocked that's 3 ounces in almost two months! Usually she gains around a half a pound a month. I'm glad that she gained something but I'm worried that all or at least some of the 3 ounces is because she's constipated again.
The other part of this that upsets me is that Dr Endo. didn't say anything about it. He can look in his system and see what she weighed at her last couple appointments, what the other Dr's wrote about her and look at her x-rays but he never does! At least her main geneticist looks at everything so hopefully if she sees something is off she'll look into it.

Now for something more cheerful!
Amber is in love with this toy. It's called Sofie the Giraffe, She's soft rubber with a squeaker inside perfect for teething! When she first got this toy she loved to look at the face but couldn't hold it very well. Now that her hands are getting better she can grab at it and put it in her mouth by herself! Its so cute to watch her {yes she is still rocking her Christmas p.j.s}

Monday I'll be calling the pedi. because we still don't have a date for Amber to be retested for the car seat challenge and I want to let him know about the weird weight thing.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! It's nice and hot here....that means naked baby legs!!

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  1. Wow....a lot in this post! I don't know about that picture...but I think it's neat she still rocks her Christmas PJ's!!! She's getting our money's worth out of clothes!!!....About her weight - a gain is a gain, for one thing...for another, she IS moving much more than she used to so she's burning calories too! I'd say hurry up and make those cookies again, but since I don't seem to have any problem gaining weight, no rush 8<