Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 4 Things Are Looking Up

Look at that there is actually something after the number today! I think that's almost proof enough that today is looking better! For starters I woke up in a good mood (that always helps)!

Our favorite day nurse was back! When they tested Amber without oxygen this morning she dropped into the low 80's but brought herself up to the mid 80's! She is still no where near ready to be off the oxygen though and they did not even try to wean her off today. She gave Amber a lovely bath and Amber smelled so good and her hair looked so nice! She's had a lot of diarrhea today but they said the antibiotic she was on can do that. They've been pushing solids to help get her poop thicker. She ate 4 oz of peaches today and almost 4 oz of bananas. The bad news is she just majorly threw up and had diarrhea on the two of us. I'm thinking it was over eating since she doesn't have a fever.

We were visited by a multitude of residents and med students (we're at a teaching hospital) today when the floor pediatrician came in. They bombarded us with questions about her sickness, general health history, genetic testing and anything else they could think of. After words I believe they had a session discussing her very much like an episode of House because one came back with theories and things we should tell her Dr's to test her for. They did inform us though that the testing they did when we first came back positive for a common virus. The virus usually causes croup but thankfully it's only cause Amber to have something like bronchiolitis. This means she doesn't have to be on antibiotics anymore.

We were also visited by the pulmonary specialists resident. He said that him and the specialist looked over Amber's recent chest x-ray (the one from Friday night) and it looks like her hernia has gotten worse and is now in front of her lungs. This is bad news because she doesn't have a lot of room to breath to begin with and coupled with the respiratory infection and intestines in front of the lungs she's really have a hard time breathing now. This explains why they are having such a hard time getting her off of the oxygen and why everyone is so intense of discussing her hernia. I've got an e-mail off to the guy in Boston who would be fixing that so we'll see how it goes. The bad news is the pulmonary specialist himself did not show up today. This mean we'll be spending at least another day here because he is the one that will tell the pedi floor team if she should still be watched for the virus or if she can just be sent home with oxygen to recoup at home. This is the second day he's stood us up so hopefully he actually comes tomorrow.

The best news of the day is Amber SMILED!! Finally finally finally! She really seems a lot better today her color is back and some of her energy. She was playing and acting more like her usual self. This really gives us hope that we'll be able to bring her home soon and get her some sun! Oh and she's gone back to refusing to go to bed lol so she must be feeling better!

Now for something that will make you laugh. In our tiny room is a pull out chair with a mattress smaller than a twin. The hubs slept on one comfortably all by himself when Amber was born. The last couple of night the two of us were supposed to be taking turns sleeping on it and an awful rocking chair. Well my hub is a bed hogging troll! So sleep for me wasn't going so well and sleep for him wasn't going so well because I would constantly poke him till he woke up. This is where being two tiny people comes in handy! Last night we both squished onto this tiny one man bed and actually had a very good nights sleep. The nurses and Dr's gave us very funny looks, I'm sure they've never seen two people actually try and successfully sleep on one of those!

Do you know what else made my day today! I logged onto my e-mail and saw a message from a mothers site that I use saying I was the winner of a resent giveaway! I had completely forgotten that I'd even entered. This is what I won. I can't wait till it comes in, of course it will say Amber and her birth date.

It's had it's ups and downs but I'd like to say overall it was a good day! Tomorrow I'm going to try something a little different. I hope it will something like a weekly treat for you all so you'll have to let me know what you think.
Have a great night!


  1. Noah & SarahMay 25, 2010 at 6:52 PM

    I'm sorry to hear about Amber's hernia progressing =[ but glad to hear that she smiled for you guys today and that she didn't get croup! We're praying for you guys and for Amber that she can soon go home and will sleep some for you, Skye! You're both in Noah & I's thoughts and prayers. That's awesome about your give-a-way win!

    *Noah & Sarah

  2. Glad I checked this before I headed to bed! I LOVE the necklace that you won!! It will be a precious keepsake!
    Amber smiled today...now that makes me smile! Pretty soon she will be waking up and jabbering at you all night like the good ole days!
    I talked to Luke as he was driving to get you clean clothes after the puking incident...he filled me in on most of this, but I always appreciate reading what you write even if Luke already told me!
    Maybe this isnt the news we wanted to hear...that Ambers hernia looks worse, or moved so that her lungs are affected. But at least this explains why she is having such trouble breathing. Praying the the surgeon and the pulmonologist will get with you very soon..like tomorrow morning!
    Sleep well...even with that bed hog! Love you...tell Amber Gramma loves her like the day is long!!! (Luke can explain that one!)
    nitey nite!

  3. The house is WAY TOO QUIET!! I miss you all terribly. It was so great to see her smile and play. It must be great for her to have the IV board off her left arm and be able to use it. I hope you and the troll can get some sleep!

  4. Amber's smiles are contagious! When she smiles lots of others do too!! It's great to read the encouraging news here. Praying for wisdom for her doctors as it relates to the hernia, etc. - & I hope you are able to come home real soon. --- Hugs & prayers.