Saturday, May 22, 2010

Not The Getaway We Had In Mind

I think I mentioned earlier in the week that Amber has been really sick since this past Sunday. She's had a fever, congestion and diarrhea off and on all week. I thought she was getting better but yesterday she was extremely lethargic, very congested and seemed to be having a really hard time breathing.
After a long game of phone tag with her pediatrician's office we were finally able to bring her in. She had a fever of 101.2 and her pulse ox was reading in the low 80's. Anything below 92 is bad news. They sent us back down to the ER at UMass and we were admitted right away. She's been on oxygen and an IV since last night.
Her numbers are in the high 90's now as long as she's on the oxygen, as soon as they take her off or lower it her numbers drop. Around noon they dropped the amount of IV she was getting because she has finally started to eat better and have more/better wet diapers. Even though they've been constantly sucking out her nose and mouth she is still struggling with the amount of mucus she has. She had some good periods of sleep last night and today but she's still waking up and choking a lot.
Right now the plan is to wean her off the oxygen at some point either tonight or early tomorrow. They're hoping to get us home tomorrow but it doesn't sound too promising. There's not much else to say, I have a nasty case of mushy brain thanks to lack of sleep. I'll try and update some more when we have more information.


  1. She's in good hands and I'm so glad you persisted with the pediatrician's office. Hope you manage to get some sleep.

  2. I'm glad that Amber is right where she needs to be for now. Praying for wisdom for the Drs, rest for you, and that Amber can rest on that oxygen so she gets back to her normal self. Luke and Skye, you are wonderful parents! Hope that you can go home soon with Amber breathing well and free of congestion. Hugs to you all...miss you..

  3. Hope Amber gets feeling better soon, Schuyler. Thanks for keeping us informed! Thinking of you all!