Thursday, May 27, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

It's so true Amber is even better now that she's home. Every toy she greets like they've been parted for months its so adorable. She seems to be doing well. She was very congested in the morning but it cleared up, she only choked once. Now that she's feeling better she does not like the oxygen in her nose and is constantly trying to pull it out. It's so nice to have our chatty baby back!
Amber is doing well but I think the two of us are really stressed out. Last night we had a thunderstorm and lost power. I flew out of bed thinking her oxygen wasn't going to be working....her oxygen doesn't run on electricity so she was fine. Her pulse ox monitor does but thankfully it has a good battery power reserve. Her regular monitor isn't set up to switch to batteries so needless to say I did not go back to sleep until the power came back on an hour and a half later. The other stressful part of the night was that we had our air conditioner running which made it almost impossible to hear her in the monitor. We're still trying to figure out all the in's and out's of using her new equipment and what works best for us.
We had a really good visit from the respiratory therapist and a visiting nurse. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get set with a few more things we need.
As of right now that's all I can think of. We have a lot of things to get caught up on and a lot of moving around to accommodate the big oxygen tanks. Hopefully tonight goes well so we're revived enough to get what we need done!

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  1. Aahh - SO glad you're home! I'm still planning to bring dinner for 6PM (for Grandmama too :) but if that's not a good time feel free to give me a call. Hoping I'll get to see one of Amber's happy grins in person. That would just make my day!

    P.S. I enjoyed Wordless Wednesday! Too cute.