Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

 In the ICU before she was off the vent.
 We came back from dinner and lifted her blankets to find the nurse had moved her toy next to her to keep her snuggled!
 It was really funny to see
 chilling with daddy
Watching TV

Amber is doing so much better! She is only attached to the oxygen now, just like at home, she no longer has any I.V.'s or leads attached to her. She does have the blood pressure cuff on and off because it has still not come down to a number they are comfortable with, it would be a great number if she were an adult. We haven't heard if they will increase the dose yet or not. 
Things are slowly moving for us to be sent home. We've had a lot of training with the G-tube and I think we're pretty comfortable with it. It will be the same company that delivers our oxygen. I wasn't thrilled about this but we've worked out some kinks with the company reps here so hopefully when we go home the oxygen and g-tube things will be all set and not stressful. We're still waiting for Complex Coordinated Care to come visit us. This will be a person that will be doing the job I do now with coordinating who Amber sees, who she needs to see and when she needs to see them. 
Yesterday they told us we would go home today, today they're telling us we'll go home tomorrow. So I'm not really sure when we'll go home, I'm planning on tomorrow but I'm not getting to excited yet. Although today I feel more comfortable with the news of going home than I did yesterday. 
Hopefully my next update will be from home!!


  1. Thanks for the update Skye...the thing I am most excited to read is about the Complex Coordinated Care!!! I think they named it IS complex to coordinate all the appointments and care for glad you will have some help with this!!
    Smiling at the WOMBAT pic, or I mean Bush Baby!! Thankful for nurses who not only care but have a sense of humor!
    It was delightful to spend time with you and your sweet mom...that may sound funny to someone who reads this. What is DELIGHTFUL about surgery and hospitals, etc.??? The reason I was there was not delightful, but I really enjoyed getting to know you and your mom better, I enjoyed that very much! And any time I can have with Amber is a treasure to me.
    Praying that today will bring more healing and strength for Amber, praying that the Drs will do all they need to do today and will know if there is something more that Amber needs, praying for Gods perfect timing for you and Amber to go home...and for you to have peace whenever that takes place.
    Love to you and Luke and your little sweet pea!

  2. Hi Momma Skye - Oh what tender pics here. She looks so alert in a couple of them. Wow - she's come so far so fast! God is good. I hope the Complex Care Coordinator will be a big help to you & that Amber's ready to come home soon.