Monday, June 14, 2010

We Have A Date!!

This is a horrible picture! But we had a great birthday party for the boy! Despite the rain we still had fun inside playing the wii. It was very funny to watch my 85 year old grandparents learn how to bowl! We also had a very lovely dinner just the two of us.

I finally got the call today! We are all set for this week. Amber will be admitted on Wednesday afternoon and she will have her surgery at some point on Thursday. There are still some concerns from the anesthesiologist so hopefully things get worked out. I really don't have any information about how they will be doing the surgery. She will be in for a minimum of 4 days. Depending on how things are going I may or may not be updating.

Please be praying for us. We still have a few things to get set/altogether before we will be ready to go.


  1. Keeping you three girded in prayer.

  2. Oh I can just picture your grandparents bowling in your living room! :) I remember when my husband's parents were here visiting & they did the same thing. They ReAllY enjoyed it! - & they are now the proud owners of their very own Wii :)

    Praying for you all.