Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today's The Day

Amber's surgery in scheduled for 1:15 today. We're praying that the hernia is an easy fix, that there is no scar tissue or any other issues that will complicate things. Their major concern right now is still with the anesthesia. Because of her small chest shape they are worried that she will have issues clearing the fluid from the anesthesia. They've told us they will be shocked if she is able to come off of the breathing tube this weekend. It's looking like we will be here for a few weeks at the longest.
The newest news is that they've decided to put a g-tube in when she has the hernia fixed. This will be a "permanent" thing meaning she'll be coming home with it. They're hoping it will help with her overall development.  I'm not thrilled about it but it is what it is.
The hardest part right now is that Amber is not allowed to eat so she's very upset. The other hard part is not being able to nurse her, my supply is going down and it really is just an added stress I don't need.
Right now we're waiting to go to surgery so we're on the Pedi recovery floor. It's very loud and crowded, we have a very fussy roommate. After surgery we'll be in the ICU. I'm hoping for Amber's sleeping sake that we have a room to our selfs. Depending on Amber's condition it sounds like we'll be staying in the ICU till we go home.
Hopefully I'll be able to update again either tonight or tomorrow morning, it will depend on how Amber is doing. Right now Amber is playing and still smiling some...until she realizes how hungry she is!
Thank you for all your prayers and support we really appreciate it!


  1. What a day! I'm exhausted! You must be! I am thrilled at the number of people who prayed for Amber today. God is good. My devos this morning were on Praise! Not what I expected for such a day as today but so fitting - to praise when we don't know the outcome, living by His promises not answers! ((((HUGS)))

  2. God is sooo good. We could not have asked for the surgery to go any better!! This morning I woke up thinking of the Psalm...I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever..with my mouth will I make known His faithfulness to all generations! I am thankful for Gods Word and His promises and the way He answered our prayers!