Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cabin Fever

I don't know if maybe we've all had too much sugar or we have cabin fever from all this rain! (By the way I can't say cabin fever without thinking of the movie Muppet Treasure Island) Anyways whatever it is made us have a very silly day yesterday.

I've mentioned before that Amber's found her voice. She talked non stop yesterday in her new high pitched voice, its so cute! The other thing she's discovered is her nose. Well, she's discovered how to put her finger up her nose. She still has a hard time sucking her thumb because of its position so her pointer finger ends up her nose. I guess she thinks it fun because now she just chills with her finger up her nose even when she's not sucking her thumb. When you catch her doing it she just laughs and smiles.

It makes photo shoots harder. So lady like right!

I do have somewhat of an update on Amber. I made a lot of calls yesterday! Her 1st geneticist is taking care of sending her records over to Children's (yaay)! She was also upset that we have to wait till Friday for a surgery consult and is trying to get us there sooner. We also discussed our predicament about having two important appointments on Friday. Later in the evening I got a call from the new geneticist we were supposed to be seeing on Friday. It was so nice to talk her she sounded like she could have been Amber's grandma. She said she constantly thinks and talks about Amber. She even has a picture of Amber as her background and has a slid show of her going all the time! I was completely shocked by how much she cares about our little Amber!! She really wants us to just focus on having the diaphragmatic hernia fixed right now and said that she would just have our first geneticist run the tests she was going to do. That really takes a lot of stress off of us, so now we're just waiting to hear if they are going to move the consult up or not.

I think that's all for now I have a ton of cleaning to do, it finally stopped raining and the hubs has the day off!
I'm thinking today is going to be another good day :)


  1. Amber, Gramma thinks you're cute even when you're pickin your nose!!!!!!!!

  2. :) I hope your week keeps getting better! Your doctor seems great!

  3. Wow - what a HUGE blessing to have a Dr. that ReAllY cares so much about Amber in particular. Seems the two of them - Amber & her Doctor - were a match made in heaven.