Friday, March 26, 2010

Squash Not

After Tuesday nights great squash success I was super excited to try it again. Unfortunately we had anything but success. On the first bite of squash she made an awful face. After three she threw up hardcore. I laid her down on the changing table she was smiling and I thought everything was fine. As I was buttoning her up I looked at her face again, she was trying to throw up but couldn't so she was making a horrible silent gaggy/choking face. She finally made some noise,breathed, inhaled some puke and shot some out her nose. Ugh it was horrible and scary.
I'm not sure what caused her to have such a bad reaction. It seems like she doesn't like reheated food, she did a little better the next morning with fresh squash. We know her pulse oxygen levels go down when she eats and she has a hard time breathing when she's in a seated position so maybe that had something to do with it. So far she's doing better overall not choking on the rice and we're praying it stays that way.

We tried pigtails again yesterday! They came out a lot better than our first attempt
(we did not take pictures of the first ones they looked so bad!)

She wasn't too sure at first

But she warmed up to them!
She even pulled her binky out to give me that smile! I love the pigtails but they make her look so old! Her sleeping is somewhat better she went to bed around 8ish and then was up at 12, 3:30 and started her day at 6:30. Its not great but its a lot better than it has been!

I'm going to be really busy the next couple of days. Saturday night to sometime on Sunday I'll be going to Vermont, Monday to Wednesday I'll be in PA and then Thursday we have appointments! Depending on how things go I probably won't post again until next Thursday or Friday.


  1. The pigtails are awesome!! You are such a fun mom Schuyler!!

  2. Skye,
    I love the pigtails! And I love her outfit! It is the one I got her and I am so excited to see it on her. Lots of times when I buy baby gifts, I never get to see the clothes on the baby, so you made my day! It sounds like maybe you are coming here to visit? Hope we get to see you! Hugs to Amber!
    Aunt Julie

  3. WHOA what a traveler you are! I hope your trips go well and Amber eats lots and lots!
    Love you!